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More Performance, Less Space, Better Price: discover how Delta Line completely redesigned its range of Integrated Motors and Why

Motors with integrated electronics are undeniably an emerging solution for numerous applications in the market, owing to their distinct advantages in terms of enhanced performance, reduced complexity, and heightened reliability. At Delta Line, we collaborate with an expanding clientele that currently employs, or seeks to incorporate, motors with integrated motion control. Our integrated motors find application across diverse sectors, including AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), agricultural equipment, and intralogistics. It was through extensive discussions with these valued customers that we embarked on a journey to enhance our product offerings. Over the past two years, our engineering team has researched novel technological solutions and innovative components, culminating in the redesign, prototyping, and rigorous testing of new products guided by three fundamental principles: elevating performance, optimizing space utilization, and improve cost-efficiency.

The outcome of this journey is a fresh lineup of high-performing BLDC, Servo, and Stepper Motors equipped with Integrated Motion Control. These motors are designed to compete with the best options in the market, offering better features, performance, and pricing.

Our new-born family, the Servo Motors with Integrated Motion Control

Historically, “servo”, made system engineers assume a higher-priced system. However, our customers found that our servo motors, like our other motors, are a price-attractive option. Our servo motors are ideal for high-performance, demanding applications that require high torque density in a small package (i.e. intralogistics). With the addition of our Integrated Servo Motors, these applications can now capitalize on the benefits of motors with integrated control in their application. We are proud to introduce models IVI060 and IVI080 to this motor family.

These servo motors are designed with high-power sintered magnets to create a motor with maximum power density. These two frame sizes (60mm and 80mm) cover torque ranges from 0,64 Nm to 3,18 Nm and support 4 different fieldbus options: Modbus-RTU, CANopen, Ethernet Modbus TCP, EtherCAT.

Customers can also choose between an incremental encoder and an absolute encoder. The Delta Line Integrated Servo Motors are IP-65, include STO (Safe Torque Off) function, have braking resistance output, and include an integrated brake option.

We have optimized our standard windings in both low-voltage and medium-voltage options. Applications that use our low voltage windings are typically 24 VDC but our motors can support up to 58 VDC. This option is extremely popular with battery applications (such as AGVs).

A Completely Redesigned Integrated Stepper Motor Range

To support stepper applications that are also struggling to balance price, performance, and system size, our engineering team redesigned our Integrated Stepper Line. They successfully reduced the overall package size of the motors without compromising performance.

The Integrated Stepper platform is now available in sizes 42, 57, 60, and 86. We reduced the overall housing size by an average of 20% compared to our previous models. In addition, each frame size is now available in an IP-65 option and with 8 Fieldbus options: Modbus-RTU, CANopen, Ethernet Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, Profinet, PowerLink, IOLink, EtherNet/IP.

Our integrated stepper motor product line now covers torque ranges of 0,22 to 12Nm and enables applications that were previously excluded due to space constraints to utilize our integrated stepper. The result is a cleaner, less complex motion system.

An optimized range of Integrated BLDC Motors

The Servo and Stepper Motors redesign process led us to assess as well our most successful and longest-running family: our BLDC Motors. The two most popular sizes (the IBS80 and the IBI80-IP65) and the size 42 remain unchanged. We redesigned our 57 size, which is now available in a standard and an IP65 option. The new integrated high-performance drive outperforms its predecessor. This model is available in 9 fieldbus options: Analog, Modbus-RTU, CANopen, Ethernet Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, Profinet, PowerLink, IOLink, EtherNet/IP.

Our expanded Integrated BLDC Motor Line now covers torque ranges of 0,062 Nm to 1,13 Nm.


Over the past two years, we have seen firsthand the increase in demand for motors with integrated motors. Unfortunately, not all applications can use these motors due to size, performance, or price. The Delta Line product development team incorporated this market feedback as they set out to improve our integrated motors platform. The resulting Servo Motors, BLDC Motors, and Stepper Motors, all equipped with integrated control and most of them with IP65 protection options, have increased performance, reduced housing size, and improved cost-efficiency. This will open the doors for many applications that were previously excluded. If you are concerned about system price, performance, or the details of integration - Delta Line is here to help.

New Frameless BLDC motors
Our new range of frameless brushless DC motors are ideal for space-constrained applications that require high torque density and stiffness.
New High-Speed BLDC Motors
Design and performance optimized for medical devices and other high-speed applications.
Smallest NEMA 6 Stepper motor
Thanks to its extremely compact design, our 14SH30 Hybrid stepper motor is an ideal choice for specific medical or lab automation applications.
New Smart stepper motors
Stepper motors with integrated electronics simplify design and integration, improve efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership.
New 115mm BLDC Frameless motors
High torque, smooth motion, and compact design make these motors ideal for robot joints.
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